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Catch the Hunk

Catch the Hunk

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This time Hector has to fight against 2 opponents. Snoopy comes with his friend Ekko. Hector would much rather pay Snoopy back. He lost the last fight against Snooppy and he wants to take revenge. But for now the new guy wants to know how much power Hector has. Totally inexperienced and also a bit smaller than Hector, the little fighter hasn`t an easy start. And indeed, Hector deals with him very brutally. Snoopy watches and cheers on his little friend. But even the loud support doesn't help much: Hector plays with the newcomer as if he were nothing. Snoopy can't stand by and watch the wild goings-on for long. When things get too rough for him and Ekko can no longer free himself, Snoopy intervenes and pulls Hetor off him. Only rarely at the beginning but in the course of the fight more and more often Snoopy grabs his opponent. Hector gets really angry because he has to endure some pain. Snoopy humiliates him with facesitting, ball grabs and other little nasties. Ekko sees right away in his first fight what can happen when two brawlers go at each other and fight without restraint. For Hector certainly one of the toughest fights so far, this 2 vs 1 fight against Snoopy and Ekko.

Play length approx 52 min.

1 of 5 Stars!Matt S., 06/17/2021
Bought the video bought had broken link. Received no response from website host. Please contact me to send video. Thanks.

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