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Schoolboypins 18 - The Nature Boy

Schoolboypins 18 - The Nature Boy

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While hiking Moe throws a can into the bush. Bob sitting on a banquette nearby has seen it and confronts him with it. Moe who is surprised by that heads for a confrontation. He does not want to let Bob tell him what to do. Bob on the other side does not want that Moe gets away with it and starts a little tussle. Moe tries to escape and runs away. The chase ends deep in the woods after Moe topples. Now Bob can give the little cheeky boy a going over and punish him for his wrongs. But the plan does not really work out since Moe fights it tooth and nail. And even if Bob is much taller he has some problems with Moe. They roll around through leaves, on limbs and scrub. From one schoolboypin into the other. If one is down they play mean games with the gear lying around. They tie each other up, gag each other, choke and slap into the face. The hard and partly brutal fight leaves his marks. Shirts and Trousers shred and even Bobs hand gets injured when Moe pushes him on something edgy. Bob tapes his wound meagerly with some shreds and swears to take revenge. Now he puts Moe through the mill. He grabs him puts him into a bearhug and holds him in that position combined with a wedgie for quite a while. Than he ties him onto a tree, hits him into the stomach and gives him ballgrabs. Moe is not able to free himself and has to suffer that torture.

Play length approx 41 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Dennis T., 06/15/2018
It's good to see that Fightplace is still in business, after not producing anything new for quite a while :) This match has great action as the guys roll around in the woods. It's good to see them outdoors, and tying Moe to a tree after he injured his opponent was a great idea.. .it's the kind of thing that I hope will happen to Joe some time. too :) Great video!

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