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Cutie and the beast

Cutie and the beast

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It seems as if it is not enough anymore for Hardy have his fun with Knut. He meets Joe in front of the fight club and is delighted by the little cute guy straightaway. He has to have him! He chats him up quite trashy and Joe feels provoked. They head for the fight room and start an intense fight. Hardy wants EVERYTHING from Joe. He wants to feel him up, humiliate him and use him as his toy. Joe on the other side has no feelings for Hardy and just wants to fight. But Hardy knows no mercy. He shreds Joes shirt and shows the little one that wrestling could also be an erotic game of power, domination and devotion. But Joe does not want to play. He tries to get the upper hand against Hardy but Hardy stays the dominating part in that encounter. When he has little one under his control he starts to play. A pleasure for Hardy but an agony for Joe. Only a hard ballgrab helps to get free but Hardy delivers retour right away. And so it is partly really hard action on the mats of fightplace.

Play length approx 51 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Adrian P., 06/30/2017
I completely agree with Denis T! I love it when Joe gets dominated like this.

5 of 5 Stars!Dennis T., 06/30/2017
WOW... 10 stars! I hope there will be more like this one, with Joe!

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