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Check the new one 18
Check the new one 18
26,90 €
What happens when you lose!
What happens when you lose!
Baltic Boys XXX
Baltic Boys XXX
The Pleasure of Pain
The Pleasure of Pain
Schoolboypins 13
Schoolboypins 13
My dirty fantasies (XXX)
My dirty fantasies (XXX)

20 years of Fightplace!
Founded in Berlin in July 2004, the small company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month.
In these years we have gone through ups and downs and have shown perseverance.
As in wrestling and sport in general, perseverance and the ambition to achieve goals is certainly one of the most important disciplines because we love wrestling and have always had a strong team and loyal customers by our side - and fortunately still do have, we didn't have to give up.
Everything is somehow connected. Without a team, there are no good matches and films, without loyal customers no money to finance the whole thing. As a thank you to you customers, without whom our projects would not be possible, we are giving you the whole month of July 2024 20% discount in our online shop.
You also have the opportunity to watch our "Behind the Scenes 2017" film, which was previously only available to our members only, for only 1.00 EUR. We will donate this one euro in full to the organisation Straßenkinder e.V. / Berlin. Please support this great organisation, which helps homeless children/young people and adolescents so that they do not have to live on the streets. Our team consisted and still consists partly of young people who, through Strassenkinder e.V. and us have found a life without drugs and away from the streets.
Do we have a birthday wish? Yes! We find the illegal uploading of our films online completely incomprehensible.
After all, they are lovers of such films, otherwise they wouldn't watch them. However, by doing this you are restricting our profits enormously, so that we can no longer invest enough money in new productions.
Our existence is therefore no longer secure! And ultimately, if there are no more new productions, fans of these films will have nothing left to watch. Our appeal therefore goes out to those who can't stop it:
Please stop it! Honest fans will thank you for it and everyone will be able to enjoy more frequent productions, as was once the case at Fightplace some time ago.

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26,90 €
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