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International Boys Battle 4 +5 - Bundle

International Boys Battle 4 +5 - Bundle

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Lenny (22) has applied to us as a fighter and will compete in his first fight against Maxim. The Frenchman Lenny, who is already experienced in fighting, does not make it easy for himself to have an extremely well-trained Russian boy as his opponent in his debut fight. Moreover, Maxim is bigger than Lenny. But this does not always have an influence on victory or defeat of a fight. In hot bodysuits / singlets the two come on the mat and sniff each other only very briefly. Quickly they push each other and try to bring the opponent to the ground. Arrived in the ground fight, Lenny has better cards on short since he is on top. He tries to place himself on Maxim with a schoolboy pin. But he does not succeed. Maxim does everything he can to avoid being down. The fight goes on for a while without a final outcome until Lenny recalls the tricks he has learned. He is quite good with the headscissor and so he can fix Maxim`s head between his thighs. But the wiry Russian twists and turns until he can free himself. When Maxim notices that he has a hard fight with Lenny in which he can't really win, he gets mean and grabs Lenny's balls who is rather unimpressed by this. The first round goes to Lenny. Although it was relatively balanced in the first minutes, but with a slight plus for Lenny. After a short break they start again. As so often, after some time the inhibitions are overcome and it is fought harder and also meaner. Now Lenny also begins with CBT attacks and he also gets into his opponent's pants. But for Maxim it looks a bit better now. His tricks work and he can trump with schoolboy pins from time to time. The sweaty middle part of this fight probably causes the boys to free themselves from their singlets before the start of the third and last round. Lenny is wearing tight panties underneath, Maxim is now naked. Also in the third and last round it does not go more gently to the point. We see a well-balanced fight in which both can score more or less well with their tricks. But in the end Lenny comes out of this fight with a narrow victory. He proudly poses in front of Maxim and leaves the mat.

Euphoric about his first victory at Fightplace, Lenny wants to have another fight right after the one with Maxim. Maxim has his friend Vlad with him, who by the way has already watched his friend's fight live as a spectator. Clearly, Vlad did not like the fact that his friend Maxim lost the fight. Now he has the chance to get even with the Frenchman. And he uses it! The boys appear in Speedos and from the beginning you can see that the fight is more aggressive. Lenny now has to fight not only against a bigger, but also a heavier opponent, who is also quite angry with him, because he has beaten his friend. No wonder they're fighting harder now. But even in this match, Lenny is holding his own against his opponent. Vlad has to try harder or come up with something to use against the small bundle of energy. So he gradually makes use of bad tricks, grabs Lenny by the hair, pulls wedgies and grabs his balls through his pants. Even if he shows off his body from time to time during the fight and flexes his muscles to impress and intimidate his opponent, this can't hide the fact that he has gained a tremendous respect for the little Frenchman. Lenny also shows himself unimpressed at first. He continues to fight with his energetic style and counterattacks the strong Russian. He even goes beyond that and strips his pants. Until shortly before the end we see a super balanced fight with many strong moves and grabs. And only at the very end a winner can be found in this very sweaty fight. Can Vlad avenge his friend Maxim and win this fight in the end? Or will the agile Frenchman Lenny even achieve a double victory on this evening?

Play length approx 110 min.

Trailer Part Four:

Trailer Part Five:

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