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Moe in Berlin 1

Moe in Berlin 1

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Moe heard about the new guys in the Berlin Fightplace Team and was eager to compete with them. Since we can't refuse our little, cheeky guy any wish, we invited him without further ado to our Berlin studio. In the first fight there he meets Sean. Sean has already fought a few fights and knows where to go. And a certain experience is neede if you're gonna go up against Moe. Because our lightweight is already an "old hand" by now, at least as far as his numerous fights on Fightplace are concerned. So he has a lot of experience in fighting, has a lot of good tricks and knows dirty ones to help when he's in trouble. Especially the latter and certain lack of inhibition, is often lacking in newcomers. But Sean has learned quickly in his few battles at Fightplace and is therefore a match for Moe. The two also fit together well in terms of body size. After Moe enters the fight room, he takes off his shirt and warms up with a few push-ups. Shortly afterwards Sean joins him. Without a lot of words it starts right away and you notice immediately that both don't want to spare themselves. Moe throws Sean to the ground and gets him into a body scissor. First it looks bad for Sean but he manages to free himself from it. Sean gets Moe under him, dominates briefly with a schoolboy pin and then grabs him in a body scissor. The first round goes to Sean. Moe did not expect this. But he sees the first round as a warm-up and is not intimidated. On the contrary, now he wants to know it. He takes off his sweatpants and fights the rest of the fight in thongs. Sean also takes off all but his panties and so they both go into the next round. In the second round it gets wilder and more unrestrained. The fight is nicely balanced, which we admittedly did not suspect before. But Moe has indeed no easy game with Sean. He is extremely agile, can dominate the wiry boy from the small town very well with some tricks. So Moe realizes that he has to put a shovel on it to keep from going under. He starts to attack Sean with painful ball grabs and then gets him into a violent headscissor in which he makes him fidget for a long time. It seems almost impossible to get out of it. But for a few minutes he spins and turns so hard that Moe can't hold him anymore. But Moe quickly catches him again. A schoolboy pin follows with muscle riding on Sean's biceps. Then Moe tries to get him back into his dreaded body scissor. He succeeds and now there is no escape for Sean. This round goes to Moe, even though it wasn't easy. After a short break, the next rounds are at full throttle. Moe always manages to dominate Sean with Schoolboy and Bullypins. This gets Moe really going and he is in his element. Through overconfidence seldom does good and so Moe has to suffer from some attacks from Sean. Sean also likes to let his opponent fidget in long lasting holds.

Play length approx 48 min.

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