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Call Fightplace 1 + 2 - Bundle

Call Fightplace 1 + 2 - Bundle

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This spring Fightplace starts a a new series: Call Fightplace. You want to battle with somebody? Call us and we will come to you and bring mats and camera with us. Only condition is, that you have enough place and tolerant neighbours (because of the noise). We start the series with Montana and Carlos. Montana a very sportive guy with little fighting experience challenges the smaller Carlos. At the beginning both of the fighters introduces themselfe so that you know who fights the next 60 minutes. Carlos is smaller but as a club soccer player he has a lot of condition. The loud mouth Montana soon backs off as he notices that carlos is a competitiv rival. Often he spins him around but Carlos is strong and don´t let suppress himself. You will see nice scissors, schoolboypins und wedgies. But mainly a fight with two new boys that are really worse to look at.

In Call Fightplace 2, Montana wants to challenge his colleague, Marco. Marco, who is 19 and sports several tattoos, accepts Montana's challenge. Late in the evening, they meet in Marco's apartment. They sit in the living room, and begin checking each other out. Montana marvels at Marco's tattoos, but he says to him: "Marco, you have too few muscles!" Marco replies: "Man, you got no idea, I have enough muscles. Let's do some training with the dumbbells!" A while later, after some exhausting training and body building, Montana challenges Marco to an arm wrestle. Marco loses, but he won't accept defeat just like that, so he says: "You win at arm wrestling, but I would beat you at real wrestling!" They immediatly begin to clear the living room, to create a perfect fighting arena. The fight is on, and it's a flurry of punches and even kicks. Both fighters go for it extremely hard. Montana, who already has had some experience in kick boxing, gets to dominate the smaller Marco with his headlocks. But Marco gets bolder, as the fight progresses, and he counters with increasinlgy harder punches, and he also uses some nice tricks in the ground fights. They wrestle on the hard laminate floor, but that doesn't seem to bother them. Only the fight counts! They even tumble on the couch, which serves as an additional fighting space. Drenched in sweat, they keep going at each other.

Play length approx 128 min.

Trailer Part One:

Trailer Part Two:

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