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Strong Skinny - Bundle

Strong Skinny - Bundle

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You can lose your nerves when a boy like that, who weighs just 60 kg, comes along and tells you that he has finished Wladi. Bob doesn't believe his story, of course. In fact, it's all fiction and lies. But Moe insists on it and wants to prove it to Bob. In a fight, of course. So much for the prequel. Now it's up to Moe to prove that he can take Bob down. Because whoever is supposed to have done it against Wladi will easily do it against Bob. In fact, we are seeing an even fight, where there is no mercy. Because of his size, Bob can often get a hold of the little one in a bearhug. Not only that, he also gives him a nasty wedgie. But Moe can fight dirty as well and lets Bob feel this with some hard ball grabs. These ball grabs and some head scissors, which Bob can't get out of, wear him down so much that he gives up prematurely in a rage and leaves the room in a really bad mood. You have to be able to lose sometimes, even if it's against a lightweight.

After Bob has left the fighting area in a rage after his defeat against Moe, Moe enjoys his victory. A little surprised about the abrupt break from Bob but somehow satisfied that he made it. But for a long time he is not happy about his status. Shortly afterwards Rais stands in the doorway and demands an explanation why he met his friend Bob disappointed and angry in the hallway. Moe explains the situation to him. Rais can hardly believe that the skinny guy has defeated his friend Bob. Now he also wants to know. Rais (21), new to Fightplace, is much stronger built. He weighs about 80 kg. Against 60 kg with Moe a daring test of strength. But Moe just warmed up by the prefight with Bob is in a good fighting mood. So he makes the deal that Rais will fill in for his friend Bob. This fight is about to get a little tougher. Maybe because Moe has to work even harder to tame the heavier Rais, who goes with a lot of energy and fast, powerful actions into this fight. The newcomer also has good tricks already. Moe's advantage: his agility and quick reactions. Moe now knows how to make good use of these advantages. In addition, you keep asking yourself where the wiry boy gets his enormous power from. This fight is tough and very persistent. Neither of the two wants to give up. If we saw fast and hectic action at the beginning, the moves and holds become longer towards the end. After more than an hour of hard fighting, even the strongest runs out of breath. Nevertheless there must and will be a decision. Who will win this tough and sweaty test of strength? Moe or Rais? Check out Strong Skinny Part II!

Play length approx 113 min.

Trailer Part One:

Trailer Part Two:

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