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King of Fightplace?

King of Fightplace?

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He is self-confident for sure. Hidden in a surprise Package our sweet youngster Joe enters the stage of new Berlin studio. Sure, that he wants to be the first one who has a show there. But that he calls himself “King of Fightplace” won´t taste good to all fellow combatants. As todays opponent he has chosen no one else as Bob. Bob is more the calm guy but has one on the box for sure. He is strong, fights tough and knows some good tricks. And he is taller and heavier than Joe. But the little has chosen so. In a short announcement before the fight he disses his opponent and provokes him a lot. After some skirmish they are about to start and Bob brings Joe into a headlock. And it offers oneself to give his tight whities a good wedgie. Joe has to admit that his title King of Fightplace was a bit overstated. He gets dominated most times by Bob. Joe is hardly able to free himself out of the bearhugs , body- and headscissors. And he has a lack of condition since he paused fighting for some time. The first half is more peaceful. After that it gets harder. Joe always needs a warm up phase, as well as today. Now he tries everything to turn the tables. Sometimes he is even able to dominate Bob and he has to suffer Joe´s repressions. But it takes not a long time until Bob takes countermeasures and he shows Joe who is the real king of the mat. Revenge is sweet. He stands with his feet on Joes body, lets him smell his socks and gives him some ballgraps. A violation on his wrist is the final out for Joe. He tries to keep on fighting first but has not enough power in his hand anymore to stand against Bob. Now it is an easy game for Bob to leave the rest to Joe. In a mean bearhug combination with a wedgie and a ballgrap from behind he wins the fight. Joe surrenders lying on the floor. But it´s not enough for Bob. He wants to teach the self-appointed “King of Fightplace” a lesson!

Play length approx 46 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Jurgen A., 03/28/2019
Joe is certainly the King of Jobbers and still looking very fit. Hope he gets beat down in an erotic match soon!

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