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Check the new one 6

Check the new one 6

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A meetup at the bus stop had some consequences. Jermaine and Ramon sit in a bus stop waiting for the bus to get into the city. But the bus got late. Andrej had a perfect timing because the boys got a little bored. Jermaine gets cheeky as always against the newcommer. He appeals him to the imprint on his jacket. Andrej, pretty cool, just turnes around and the situation escelated quickly. Immidiately they get in trouble throwing each other down to the lawn next to the bus stop. Ramon tries to cool them down, but he wasn't able to do so. Without regard to their clothes both of them roll over the lawn while it was raining outside. Ramon calls Fightplace to find out, if there is any free fighting room and he got lucky. So the three boys calmed down a little bit and walked immidiately to continue the fight on the matts of Fightplace. When they arrived, they instantly start a bitter fight. Jermaine notices after a few minutes that he is superior. Without any doubt he takes on the newcommer to punish his mistake at the bus stop. He strippes him down to his underwear, whips him with a belt and gags him with his own socks. For sure he performes some hard moves as well, so that Andrej was forced to give up after a fight of about 30 minutes. He was completely done and demolished. While Ramon was watching the whole action he got in the mood to fight Jermaine as well, because of Jermaine's big mouth. But because of his bodyweight it gets a little but harder for Jermaine to handle his new opponent. But first Jermaine takes a little brake to get into a shower. After that "reset" they begin to fight round 2. Jermaine gets some issues here. Ramon's bodyweight makes it way harder for him to get into the driver seat, especially when Ramon performs a Schoolboypin. But for Jermaine it's no option to give up, so he uses every trick in his book to turn the fight into his favour. But this won't be that easy against his new opponent Ramon.

Play length approx 60 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Robert P., 03/15/2019
Great fun fight, well worth the money! Sad to see piracy affecting this site's output, if people enjoy the matches they should pay to support them! As an aside, I'd love to see Bruno back in a match soon :)

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