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Tag Team Battle 15 - Part Two

Tag Team Battle 15 - Part Two

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Ramon is back. Together with his friends Jermain he is sitting in front of house thinking about past times at Fightplace. He wants to fight again and so it is very convenient that Jermains arch enemies are about to appear. Bob and Moe have a score to settle with Jermaine. And Jermaine who had to abort his last fight against Bob cause of a disease wants revenge against Bob. And so both teams compete against each other. Bob explains the tag-team-rules and the fight is about to begin. The first minutes show that it will be no bed of roses for Moe and Jermaine. Very agile added with a big portion of aggressivity promise exciting minutes of fight action. Right at the start Moe brings Jermaine under his control. He fights tooth and nail to free himself from the scissors and chokeholds. After a long time he succeeds and brings Moe underneath him who has to suffer a schoolboypin with muscle riding and face to cock. After a while of more action the teams switch and Ramon fights against Bob. Now Ramon has to proof that he still is the powerful fighter or if he has lost too much power through the time off. Bob is the stronger fighter of the team. Maybe the strongest after Wladi. Sure, Bob has to handle Ramons weight but he controls the bluebottle and enjoys to bring him from one position to the next. It gets easier for Ramon when they change and he takes on Moe. Now Ramon can show what he is made of. But this phase is short as well. The little Moe is so flexible that he can free from the holds and even decides the round for himself. Moes skills are really impressive. Hard and exciting is also the clash of Bob and Jermaine. Jermaine gives everything to get Bob under his control. Nobody gives up, or only if really nothing is possible at all. Alltogether a great *****match of the old Fightplace style.

Play length approx 52 min.

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