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Bold Fly

Bold Fly

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Fly and Bruno are chilling in the clubroom. Fly seems to be in the mood to have a little hassle with his Bruno since he keeps on annoying his mate. It takes some time until Bruno has enough. He has no problem joining the competition against the small and petite Fly since he knows that he is the stronger one and Fly will suffer underneath him. So if he wants that, why not. On the mat Fly has to show what he is made of and proof that he can keep his promise, the victory against Bruno. Bruno, who has trained his body more than last time poses his body to show his gain of muscles. Fly is slim and can only win against the bigger and heavier opponent through his technique and tricks. Surprisingly that works quite good from time to time and he is able to get Bruno underneath him and show his dominance in a schoolboypin. Bruno now has to struggle more not to end as the looser today. But his muscles won´t betray him. With his power he is able to get rid of Fly on him and put him through the mill. Fly lives up to his name when he is spun through the air a few times. But he is a tough bub and tries everything to give Bruno a hard fight.

Play length approx 66 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Robert P., 07/28/2018

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