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In the scrapyard

In the scrapyard

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Moe finally passed his driver license and bought a old car. But this car was quite cheap and is only fit for scrap. So he needs some spares. Together with his mate Massimo (18, new at Fightplace) he is on his way to the nearest scrapyard. The owner of that scrapyard is no less a figure than Toni. When the guys arrive Toni is holding a rest and not realizing that someone in attendance. Only when Moe shuts a car door the wakes up and cares about his guests. Toni has a problem with Moe since their meet up at the Christmas 2017 and offers high prices. Moe and Massimo realize that the offers are overpriced only to score off Moe. A brawl starts right at the scrapyard where Toni is thrown to the ground by the two friends. Toni challenges both guys, two against one is not fair and so he wants a fight against each of them. Together they are quite strong, but alone against the bigger Toni looks different. In the first part of this two-parter Toni challenges his nemesis Moe. At Christmas 2017 Moe offended Toni really bad but bitched out the hand-to-hand combat. So now it is time for this encounter. Does Moe really has a chance against Toni who is 20cm bigger, 15kg heavier and 6 years older? And he is many years longer in the Fightplace business. You can feel some fear or at least respect at Moe at first. But on the mats that is gone completely. Moe attacks and offends Toni in a really hard way. The fight seems equal which is a surprise for all. He shows everything and outgrows himself. He knows that this is his the only chance to stand against Toni. Toni is baffled as well and realizes that the fight wont be a bed of roses for him. He has difficulties to tame the little beast. When he has the little one under his control he frees himself with mean tricks like ballgraps, bites or pinches. Toni has to give everything as well to avoid an embarrassing defeat. It doesn´t bear contemplating what he friends would say when he would loose against Moe. The fight stays extremely exciting while Moe has the biggest challenge ever. Moe fights himself into ecstasis which rages Toni a lot. After a freak out by Toni and exhausting fight against Moe Massimo relieves his mate Moe. Massimo surprises in is his debut fight as well. You wont expect such a fighting machine from such a slim and wiry guy. With mean tricks on a high level and a very good condition he shows Toni his borders. It seems as if he even notchs up Moes performance.

Play length approx 39 min.

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