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Tag Team Battle 13 - Part One

Tag Team Battle 13 - Part One

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It is late in the evening when Bob, Melvin, Jermaine and Bruno have fun in the old factory hall. They hang around, throwing apples at each other. Melvin (16) who is new wants to know what´s going on at fightplace. Bob tells him and suggest to start a tag team battle so Melvin can watch and join. Because Melvin is new he gets Bob as strong and experienced partner. The other team is Bruno and Jermaine. The first part is easy and more playful. But Melvin shows from the start on that he has a lot to offer even being the newbie. His direct opponent is Bruno, the same age and equally big and heavy. Both give a lot of power into the fight. Bruno is as his best like we already saw at his first fight against Devin. Melvin shows a great debut being very ambitious to win his fights. Even the bigger Jermaine has to fight hard against him. The direct opponent of sexy Jermaine is Bob who gets much wilder in the second part after holding back a bit at first. His rivals have to feel his domination with feet in their face and mega wedgies. He really enjoys being the boss and shows his muscles in victory poses. And since Bob even has an unexpected good fighter on his side the other team has nearly no chance. But they fight hard for ach point so that we see a lot of good moves and nice fight scenes. A really interesting fight night with the guys of fightplace as we know them in a frisky mood.

Play length approx 44 min.

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