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Privat Battle 15

Privat Battle 15

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Jermaine has passed his first fight against Barney with flying colors. And hardly Barney has disappeared from his home, the next dive Streithahn in the form of Toni. The alleged Jermaine had what had with his girlfriend. When the dispute Toni is then discovered severe scratches on Jermaine's back sparked. Toni do not know that Jermaine has just fought previously with Barney. Jermaine hand, is motivated enough yet to lay a fight. After all, he has just won a fight. And fun is it to him at that. So why not do the same with Toni now? At this time Jermaine not even know that Toni is a different caliber as Barney. The Psycho is larger, heavier, stronger than Jermaine's opponents before. In addition to every trick washed what tricks terms. Toni dominated happy and leaves out any opportunities to show his opponent really. When they deliver their fight on the mat, is feeling Jermaine Toni's properties. The handles are brutal that Scissors stronger and especially the ballgrabs stronger and longer. But Jermaine knows well adapt to this situation. His counter attacks are targeted and very effective. It is fast, agile and white, with the help of some professional wrestling tricks to help. But whether it is enough for Toni? Who his foot is dominant and in a victorious end to the body of the other, will not be revealed here.

Play length approx 40 min.

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