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Fishing and Wrestling

Fishing and Wrestling

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May continues to be a real month of surprises for Fightplace fans: Here we present to you Jasper, Florian and Shorty in a 70-minute Wrestling film . This film shows that our Fighters are good over and over again for surprises: Jasper and Flo, actually, rather the weaker fighters in the Fightplace team, show here how they can take Shorty if they decide to. The story happens at a small lake, Flo and Jasper are fishing but it is not their pond. They are surprised after a short time by Shorty. Shorty plans to take Jasper, then Flo but he has not calculated on the fact that both opponents have become better and now he has two very tough and hard fights in front of him. Will he still be able to be the winner against both of them?

Play length approx: 70 min.

5 of 5 Stars!E. D., 12/16/2012
Memorable film! Shorty seems to be a bit under the weather (a cold? flu?) but still gives a great performance - though at one stage he seems to suffer an injury to a finger. The highlight is probably the bout between Shorty and Florian. (Are they brothers? Cousins?) Shorty seems to have schooled the younger boy in some of his own formidable scissoring techniques and, towards the end of the film, suffers himself at the hands (or, more accurately, the LEGS) of Florian - who has evidently been a splendid pupil of Shorty, the master-scissorer! Florian's long-held headscissors grips on Shorty are superb - even if one suspects that maybe, had he been less ill on the day, Shorty would have had Florian for breakfast!

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