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Bedroom Brawls 2

Bedroom Brawls 2

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Blade hardened his muscles in the bedroom of the Fightplace living community. Alfred was in the badroom next door. Alfred was watching him, but suddenly he took the free weights to show him his power. Then it turned into a fight of the two competitors. During the fight they used to whole room as a arena. Bed, carpet and mattress. They were always changing the venue of their match. At the beginning Alf was able to give Blade a hard legscissor. Blade was unable to get free of this bad position. Alf hold a for a long time, to make Blade worn out. But then Blade was able to counter this hard grab with a schoolboypin combined with a painful ballgrab. Our competitors semmed to be as strong as the other one, because it was a kind of give and take. Painful scissors are Alf's speciality. He performed them in every situation, especially some the sweaty headscissor were hard to handle. Blade was against this not that good at technical grabs. He tried to beat up his opponent with his power, because he is a soccer play, so he has very strong legs, too. But all in all he had to endure a lot. Camel clutch, schoolboy- and bullypins, slaps in the face, Alf's feet and many more. Alf was dominating and presented him his power! For sure Blade was able to counter sometimes, too. But this moments are rarely. Then Alf performed a nearly perfect armbar. Will Blade be able to get free of this painful grab and to turn the fight.

Play length approx - 55 min.

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