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Eddies Fight Night

Eddies Fight Night

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Today is Eddie's night, because he had to fight against three opponents of Fightplace. Alfred started this row. Alfred, who was annoyed because of his defeat against Bob (Ramon's room part 1) opened the door and suspected what will follow. Eddie wanted the money what he borrowed to him a bunch of time ago. But instead of paying the money back, he started to fight him. Immediately they started the high level fighting. Looks like Eddie got more tattoos and did something for his fitness. Powerful and with a lot of tricks he started to fight Alf and was able to grab him. Now Eddie didn't let him go and Alf had no chance to come free. Eddie performed some painful Body- and Headscissors as well as some Wedgies and Strangleholds. Alf was really angry but Eddie enjoyed to be so dominant. He always pressed his poor opponent's head down the mattress. When Eddie finished Alf, Bob entered the room. Alf left the room totally annoyed and Eddie and Bob were alone. Now the big boys fought against each other. Both of them won the previous fight against Alf, but what would be the decision between the big ones? The beginning seemed to be good for Eddie. Same tricks: he performed a Headscissor combined with a Headlock. Then the turn on the stomach and he pressed Bob's head down the ground. Bob had to suffer. But Bob is way more powerful then Alf and knew how to handle Eddie. But then came the revenge! The fight got faster and way more aggressive. When the time took more time, the holds got longer and they used more and more mad tricks. If they had no opportunity they beat each other and even bit or pinched. But then Toni entered the room. They decided to fight him together. Tony's appearance was self confident. He trained hard in the previous weeks and seems to be more and more powerful and fit. He accepted the call out of them and stood muscular directly in front of them. But did he bite off more than he can chew? For sure, the following 2 vs 1 match became really hard. Tony had to use all of his power even if Bob and Eddie gave him a going-over. Sometimes a real torture for the slim man Tony, but because of his power and his endurance he is always able to get free and pit himself against them. That's why he's called Psycho-Toni. Tony is the type of human, who's never giving up.

Play length approx - 55 min.

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