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Real Hard Scissors 6

Real Hard Scissors 6

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After Momo was "done" with Nigel in the truest sense, in the 5th part of this series, he faced Toni in the end. Both threatened the other with a hard match und could hardly wait, to compete in a fight. Real Hard Scissors does directly connect her, effectively a continuation of the events then. Because the opportunity came, when the boys were supposed to collect a sofa from an old villa. During the lugging around, they already started an argument, because they could not settle on how to do things. When the two of them then saw the empty rooms, they did not hestiate and began to tussle. Toni, who recently had trained a lot and had proven in "Forest of Pain", that he can deal out blows, cut quite a figure against Momo. Visually at least. Wiry and buff he faced Momo. But pugnaciously, Momo added up some tricks and power. Particularly his hard leg scissors bothered his opponents. As they did with Toni. The fight was already extreme, but gained in severity, when Toni realised, that he couldn't do anything against the scissors of Momo. This made Toni furious and he could have freaked out in rage. With whacking and ballgrabs he tried to release the situation, but Momo didn't give a damn. He rather tortured Toni more and more, by taking revenge with CBT. He wanted to make absolutely clear, who the boss is. When Momo was in winning-mood, he sat on Toni (Schoolboypin/Bullypin), posed, showed his muscles and tried to let him feel the whipping. Cock to face was his motto. But this wasn't enough: He put himself on Toni and almost suffocated him with his weight. Nipple torture, ballgrabs, slaps: Toni shouldn't have been this boastful. Now he didn't know anymore, what was happening and in the end, he sat in the corner like a picture of misery, after Momo had massacred him for an hour.

Play length approx - 61 min.

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