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Victims (of the Fight)

Victims (of the Fight)

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Thats the question at this hard fightplace movie. Modest Wladi wears a “victim” shirt for his meeting with Marcel and Toni. Bigmouthed Toni wears a “fighter” shirt so provocations are preprogrammed. Wladi gets nervous watching Toni and Marcel on the mat because he wants to show bigmouthed Toni who is in charge at fightplace. But Toni is engaged with Marcel who tries to stand against Toni in a tough fight without show elements. For Wladi the whole fight is kid stuff and after Toni has won against Marcel a hassle between Toni and Wladi is about to begin. Toni is brave and gets to his limits suffering pain in this fight. Wladi shows no mercy again. That means it gets hard and mean: facesitting, ballgraps and much more. Nothing for people with bad nerves! When Toni is stripped and finished Wladi gets on small Marcel. He tries to fight back tough and can stand some rounds. At the end Wladi challenges both guys in a 2:1 fight. At some moments it seems as if they could bound and conquer Wladi but in the end they keep “Victims of the Fight”. Whoever likes it really rough should watch the sequel of this fight. After Toni could rest some time he has to endure another brutal match against Wladi. “Don´t cry bitch” it gets nude and that hot that it´s only available in our XXX category.

Play length approx - 70 min.

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