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What happens when you lose!

What happens when you lose!

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Wladi is back! And after his one year break, he is tougher, hotter and really pants for a good fight. For his comeback match he asked for two opponents to really rage out with them . Knut and Basti accept the challenge not knowing what they got themselves into. And Wladi wants to play out his S&M and fetish fantasies and so showed up in his leatherstring , mask and black muscleshirt. In his luggage a short leather leash to use it as a whip. The story: Basti and Knut are waiting for Wladimir. Basti already knowing about Wladis fantasies turns Knut into his slave. He orders him around the flat doggystyle, bound with handcuffs and masked. They head in the attic where Basti tortures him even more. Wladi hears the noise and comes up to them. Seing what´s happening he catches Basti and ties Knut so that he can´t tamper. Basti and Wladi start a tough match. Basti known as a tough hardliner gives it all and so they break out in sweat soon. From time to time Basti can free himself out of Wladis holds using ballgraps or scissors but Wladi always prevails. Wladi did not only get a tattoo during his absence, he also worked out hard. You see and notice it. When Wladi is finished with Basti he sics Knut, his dog on Basti. This fight is much more even and you´ll see a lot of nice moves, long holds and good wrestling action. When Wladi realizes that his slave gets defeated by Basti he gets angry. Now Knut has to lick Wladis feet and endure extreme cock and balls torture (CBT). His ass gets red when Wladi and Basti slap and knead it. Knut tries to fight back as good as he can, he even bites Wladi, but has no chance in this 2 on 1 fight and it leads to a brutal end. They lift Knut on a bar, tie him on it and get on him. Wladi now gets a bit loudmouthed and wants to fight against Basti and Knut at the same time. They think that it should be possible to defeat Wladi with their pooled forces. But Wladi has enormous power, grabs both of them and puts them through the mill. Nothing is fake or show. All scenes are uncut, promise! Occasionally it seems to get threatening for Wladi but in the end he always relieves. We don´t disclose the end at this point. But this is a must for all fans of S&M, CBT leather, thongs and punishment!

Play length approx - 60 min.

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valid until 03/22/2018

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