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Come on lets wrestle

Come on lets wrestle

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Wladimir never counted on this! During a card game where things become a little heated, he mixes it up with Chesko and gets defeated. Not a good evening for Wladimir! Jason and Chesko visit Wladimir to play cards. When Jason provokes Wladimir and throws away the cards, Wladimir decides to box Jason’s ears. Chesko interferes and suggests holding a fight in the bedroom. In short order, Wladimir is inflicting hard bear hugs and ball grabs on Jason. However, Jason counters well and shows he can take a lot. But in the end Wladimir is the better fighter and he expects to be the champion in the room. But he underestimates Chesko, who can stand his ground against Wladimir. Chesko takes Wladimir down and holds him there with strong scissors. Wladimir tries to get back at Chesko with long bear hugs, hoping to exhaust him, but Chesko escapes over and over again. It is clear that Chesko has definitely improved his fighting skills. After his victory over Wladimir, Chesko plans to take on Jason. After expending so much energy on Waldi and with little time to recover, will Chesko have the strength to defeat Jason? Approximately 60 minutes of strong basement action with prolonged scissors and bearhugs.

Play length approx: 61 min.

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