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Confrontation with Jeff - Part One

Confrontation with Jeff - Part One

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Jeff walks around the skater park when suddenly a BMX biker appears and nearly knocks him down. Jeff gets really angry and wants to catch the biker who tries to escape by bike. But he´s not fast enough and Jeff gets him, throws him off his bike and a wild brawl starts. When some passersby get attentive both boys decide to continue the fight on the mat. A tough fight starts. Jeff is known for his hard style and also Tom shows an enormous energy he hasn´t shown in his previous fights and we see a new sight of him. It´s a gritty wrestling for victory. When both fighters are totally done up Bubu and Basti appear and are immediately hit on and challenged by Jeff who still is full of power. This is the end of the first part. In the second part of “Confrontation with Jeff” we get two more fights offered with a lot of toughness and ambition in them. First it´s Bubu against Jeff followed by Basti. Especially the second fight is very hard and gritty. Both fighters hate to give in or up and so both fight bathed in sweat until one of them is completely out.

Play length approx - 59 min.

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