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My dirty fantasies (XXX)

My dirty fantasies (XXX)

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Miki can´t get enough! He asked us for another fight – against whomever, he could stand against anyone. Hardly surprising, this guy has al a lot of fun to fight. We chose Mirco out of the applicants who wrote us that he already gathered some fight experience. Miki enters the fightroom and changes clothes when Mirco joins him. They don´t know each other and have no idea what to expect. When Mirco has changed, too they start to check each other out. The guys pose and present their muscles until they start nudging. This leads fast into a fight in which Miki gives it everything and attacks Mirco from the beginning. He underrated Miki, gets defeated and the puppet of his opponent. After a while Miki notices they are not alone - they are watched by Gerit who hid himself at the doorway. Miki drags him into the room and calls out for a fight. They still have a core to settle since “Strip him down” and accordingly hard is the action. Miki fights very forcefully but also quite sexy. When Gerrit has to surrender again and again Mirco arrives to help. Together they try to defeat Miki. But he has so much energy that it´s enough for both of his opponents. Fascinating to see how he puts both of them through the mill. Finally he forces them to indulge him his way and you can hear him say the one or other yes…yes…yes

Play length approx - 74 min.

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