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The Mechanics

The Mechanics

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Wow, how exciting! The new production presents new fighters, the team was very much impressed, by the freshness of the 3 new guys. Jonas is the smallest, but with his 17th years he challenges Tim, the skin and Pharell, the turk. Tyson is new too, he will prof to jay, how strong he is, and does not stop from tearing his clothes into parts. The turk against the skin is full of tension! The highlight of this production is the 2 on 1 fight between Jonas/Pharell (by the way, they are excellent footballplayer in the regional league, and used to fight) and Tim our skin. This section might be a bit to hart for some of you. But i just let them go and they went up, like rockets. After this section jay took a break and wanted to go for Pharell the turk. Both came across quite aggressive, but willing to win this fight. At the end of this evening Jonas and Pharell took it a bit more the easy way , but the willingness to win did not break up. I am delighted to have this 3 new guys in our team, as i understood you have been waiting for these submission-fighters for some time. The last minutes of this programm have been created to give you an idea about the other fightingboys-films, which we offer. Just enjoy, yours Tommy !

Play length approx: 70 min.

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