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Small Kickboxer

Small Kickboxer

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Jan and Jason train for a kick box event when suddenly Chesko and Kuno enter the space. Chesko and his mate want to watch them, however, they start making fun of their exercises. Jason feels irritated and Chesko wants a wrestling match with them both. This do not let themselves say Jan and Jason twice and they catch themselves Chesko. However, he counters fantastically and brings both to ground. As a result everybody decides to start man against man. Jan against Kuno and Chesko against Jason and it has the latter Fight particularly in itself. At the end has to do itself Chesko (which means, he is the best in the space) then again against both opponents in a 2on1 match put through.

Play length approx: 60 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Jay M., 03/03/2017
The best action comes when Chesko squares off against Jay. Jay has already dominated the hapless Kuno in a one-sided match earlier in the event, but against Chesko he's up against one of fightplace's most aggressive, experienced and dominating wrestlers. Chesko has the kid in a series of tight headlocks from the outset and then lays into him with elbows to the gut and knees to the back. Jay gets on top at one point and has Chesko pinned on his front before turning him, but before he can crank on a nelson Chesko has him in a headlock again, slides into the mount position and then locks on a body scissors. Towards the end of the fight, when Chesko has a intense, prolonged hammerlock on Jay, he delivers some quite lethal punches to the body that Mike Tyson would be proud of. Incredibly Jay manages to take these but his own punches can't stop the might of Chesko who keeps headlocking him and restricting his opponent's leverage before getting him to submit. Vintage Chesko action.

5 of 5 Stars!Jay M., 05/31/2015
After my negative review of Raw Rounds, let me again by honest and objective: this is one of the best fightplace videos where almost everything works great. The boys fight hard, mixing submission wrestling with schoolboy pins and body punches. There's lots of rounds as the teams take turns against each other and the competitive edge is kept up throughout. Jan and Jason look great in their toned bodies and kickboxing shorts in the pre-fight action training before Chesko (as cocky as ever) and Kuno interrupt them. The fight soon erupts with Jan proving himself an aggressive and technical fighter against Kuno (who's a bit out of his wrestling depth here). Jason and Chesko's fight is as hard and punishing as you'd expect and the mixture of gear and good camera work make up for a top dvd.

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