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Rumble in the Attic Part 1

Rumble in the Attic Part 1

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After a hard day, Pedro invites Bubu over, to discuss some training details with him. Suddenly, the phone rings: It's Jeff calling, and he wants to challenge Pedro and Bubu to a match. Pedro is furious at this little brat's audacity, and he tears his shirt in anger. But before he gets a chance to calm down, there's someone at the door. Jeff brought Kevin along, as a backup! After a short skirmish in the hallway, they waste no more time and go to the attic to fight their match. Pedro starts off by grabbing Kevin, wishing to teach him a lesson, but it turns out he underestimated his opponent. Pedro has to fight with all his might to win against this little Maltese boy, because Kevin is putting up an even harder fight than he did in RAW ROUNDS. In the next fight, the well-trained 16-year old Bubu gets seriously mangled by Jeff. Bubu loses against Jeff, but he manages to turn the tables when he faces against Kevin, for he set it in his mind to win, and to that end he is determined to use every means necessary. Will he manage to defeat the agile Kevin in his Fightplace debut? In the final battle of this first part (Jeff vs. Pedro), both fighters give their best. A tough and extraordinary showdown ensues between the two evenly matched opponents. But, surprisingly, Valentino enters the attic before the first part is over. Seeing his brother Bubu there makes him so angry that he challenges everyone present. Could this be his biggest mistake?

Play length approx: 50 min.

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