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Pain and Punishment - Part Two

Pain and Punishment - Part Two

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In part 2 of Pain and Punishment Jaysons friend Francky gets his chance. He also competes against wild Moe who is no tired and exhausted but is on his peak and moves into gear. But Francky is a forceful opponent. He puts Moe into a headlock and throws him on the ground. The first rounds ar quite equal. But at some point the little Italian gets winded. Very bad for Francky. Ones he is caught into Moes clutches there is no escape and the torture is about to begin. As his precursor he has to suffer heavy nipple twister while he is trapped in a combination of headlock and body scissor. But he is able to turn the tables and takes revenge on Moe. He deals slaps into the face and a body scissors which squeezes Moes bulge. He is able to get control over Moe for quite some time. But 5 years Fightplace experience pay off and Moe is able to free himself from this hopeless position. Now Francky has to feel his power and gets turned into his toy. Moe puts him from one mean position into the next. He has to suffer wedgies and ballgrabs. Francky seems to be vulnerable. But he is just gaining power. He is able to put Moe into a ingenious body scissor. Respect for such good actions! Now he needs stamina to stand a long fight. But he is to weak and Moe gets upper hand again. Now it´s time for a bully pin and bulge into the face. After half an hour it´s enough for Moe and he passes to Joe who has to crow to pick with Francky. Both take it very serious and you can see that there must be something personal between the two guys. They fight with no holds barred. Francky is able to keep pace at first. But than he looses power and Joe starts his game. He tries to shred Franckys trousers, spanks him and dashes him with water. Then he uses his head as a washcloth, not a nice experience for Francky. Joe gets even more brutal and perverse. There must have been a prehistory between those two because Joe gets really mean. Joe really humiliates him very hard. It´s not for faint-hearted!

Play length approx 49 min.

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