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The Big Fight Night 5

The Big Fight Night 5

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After a long and torturous schoolboy pin from Fabio Joe could finally free himself. Now he really freaks out. He throws Fabio on the ground and avenges with hits, kicks and trampling. This torture has already begun at the end of the last part of this series and continues in the last part of this fight night story. Joe has Fabio on the ground and tries to force a surrender. He has to treat him for quite some minutes, then he finally gets it. Bob as the boss lets the cutie some time to rest. But not really long until he enters the ring himself and wants a challenge against the winner of the fight before. This is tough for Joe. His next opponent is bigger heavier and more experienced. What will happen will happen: Bob puts Joe through the mill. He puts him into head scissors and knots Joes arms into his trousers and plays with him. He lets him struggle for a long time until he gets free. But after some seconds Bobb grabs him swirls him through the air and and throws him brutally on the ground. When he got up the scenario repeats. Joe sees no light at all. Bob brings him into hopeless positions again and again. He humiliates Joe whenever possible. Joe gets frustrated but tries to fight back the whenever possible. He is able to grab Bob from time to time. But it is not enough. The bigger is also the stronger one today. Humiliated and demoralized Joe has to surrender completely. For Bob it was just the beginning. Now he feels warmed up and tries to persuade Devin to fight against him. Devin hesitates at first but finally complies because he wants to test his skills as well. Since Devin is fresh and full of power at first he gets Bob into a body scissors right away. Now Bob has to feel the power of Devin´s thighs. But Bob is able to counter and we see balanced fight. Both fighters use every chance shellac the opponent. It is no fun for the fighters because it is a tough and sweat-inducing struggle for victory. Both guys go to their limits of power and pain.

Play length approx 48 min.

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