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The Big Fight Night 3

The Big Fight Night 3

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There is a big meeting at the fightplace office. Bob, who temporarily overtook the boss role, talks to Devin who was away for quite some time. Fabio is also there. Fabio had several fights recently which made him better and stronger. He wants to fight again and nearly begs for the next fight. But Devin does not really want that fight and Bob thinks that Devin is too strong for Fabio anyway. And so it fits good that Joe appears who brings a new fighter with him. Jayson is the name of the newbie. With his 16 years he belongs to the youngsters of the team and is a bit shy at first. Joe shows him around while the team decides that Fabio should start this fight night against Jayson II, since we had one Jayson before. They enter the ring and start with some boxing sparring for warm up. You can see that Fabio really experienced since he nearly knocks of the the little on. Luckily not k.o. and so they switch to wrestling. Now Jayson II has to show his skills. Fabio not an easy opponent for him. But Jayson does well in the first minutes and Fabio has to be careful to get away from his moves. The others sit around and watch the fight. They are giving tips, not really fair commandos as well and so the newbie learns how to dominate an opponent quite fast. But it´s not enough for a victory against Fabio who really got too strong. After some difficulties at the beginning of the fight he gets control over the match and Jayson II has to suffer in headlocks and scissors. Joe has enough of this torture and intervenes. Now a hard and fierce fight is about to begin. Joe has the upper hand first until Fabio gets brutal. Now it´s real hard and merciless fight between two strong and ambitious fighters. Joe has control over Fabio at first but that changes fast. Fabio gets quite brutal and now there is pure action in the ring: wedgies, ballgrabs and hard punches. At some time it is really quite since everyone is thrilled watching the two fighters . The first part of this fight night ends with a severe loss of Joe. But our cutie puts all his power into the next round which starts off in the second part of this fight night (The Big Fight Night 4).

Play length approx 56 min.

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