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Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster

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Marcel is back again and wants to form his body. He meets Knut whom he has not seen for many years. And so they commit for a trial of strength. They head for the ring and start right away. Marcel needs no time fo warmup. He puts Knut into a headlock, holds him for quite some time and starts to shred Knuts shorts. Just after 15 minutes Knut is able to free himself. Now he can show his skills and starts his payback with a schoolboy pin and ballgraps. The fight gets harder. Marcel can put Knut into leg scissor and keeps on destroying Knuts shorts which are only scrap. He tries to tie Knut up with a rope to keep him helpless. But Knut defends himself with everything he has. So Marcel grabs between Knuts legs and ties his balls longer and longer. But Knut he not the typical loser today. As soon as he is free again he is up for revenge. Cock and ball torture is also part of his own repertory. He attacks Marcels balls with his feet until he nearly passes out. But after that Marcel tortures Knut again with a mean head scissor, hits him with boxing blows and finishes his trousers. Now Knut freaks out and beats Marcel. But Marcel is a tough and hard fighter and Knut seems to get a bit cocky. He tries to shred Marcels trousers as well but his speedos resist while Knut has to fight naked meanwhile. He gives everything but that is not enough against Marcel. He gains upper hand over Knut who lies powerless on the floor at the end. At that time Bubu enters the gym seeing how Marcel hits the naked Knut on the floor. He doesn´t like what he sees. To be continued in part 2.

Play length approx 58 min.

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