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Basement Brawls 2

Basement Brawls 2

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Lukas is back in action! He's keen on fighting like never before, and he shows us this in Basement Brawls 2, in his fights against Jasper and Marius. Marius is visiting Lukas, and they are discussing bodybuilding. Lukas did built up some muscle mass lately, and he's really eager to demonstrate his progress. When Jasper finally shows up, Lukas literally aches for a match in the basement. He makes Jasper suffer under his exceptionally prolonged holds, exhausting headlocks and leg scissors. Jasper tries and tries to free himself, but Lukas keeps toying with him, torturing him with long scissors and pins. While not the inventor, Lukas arguably seems to be the master of the so-called "Shake Scissors," where he takes Jasper's head between his legs, and shakes him with his muscles. Jasper has to endure 40 whole minutes of punishment before Marius finally relieves him. But Marius isn't doing much better than Jasper. He, too, stands no chance against Lukas, who recently gained so much strength. Marius and Jasper treat us with a hot finale. They go for one more round of grappling, in an utterly hard submission-style match. Neither of them wants to leave this basement as the loser, and they muster all their remaining strength for the final battle..

Play length approx: 60 min.

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