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Sneaker Battle - Part One

Sneaker Battle - Part One

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Knut is happy about his brand new Adidas Sneakers. He enjoys to unpack them, touch them and smell them. But then Bubu appears and his mood changes. Bubu is a Nike fan. Everything he wears has to be from Nike. He visits the fighplace flatshare to show his brand new sneakers. Of course they are made by Nike. When he enters Knuts room and finds him with his sneakers trouble is sure o follow. He forces Knut to get excited about his Nike sneakers. He shows Knut every detail and Knut has to sniff, touch, lick and taste them. But it is not easy to convince Knut doing those things and so the room turns into a wrestling arena. The fight should decide about which brand is better. But Knut can´t take a joke when it´s about sneakers. He plays hard and dominates Knut from the start on. He takes every chance to grab Knut and bring him to the ground to torture him with his Nikes. And Bubus gets even hotter towards round two when they change into Speedos. One foot on Knut´s chest, his hands at grips he ties on Knut´s Speedos until it rips. Then he starts to humiliate Knut. He brings him in helpless positions and tortures him with various tricks. Bubu presents himself as the master and shows off his biceps. During schoolboy pin and muscle riding he grabs Knuts ears, slaps his face and dominates him with his feet. The shred slip is stuffed into Knuts mouth and slaps his naked ass with his shoes. But that is still not enough for Bubu. While Knut lies exhausted and exposed on the sofa Bubu dons his sneakers. Now Knut should really get to know them and the session takes its course.

Play length approx 26 min.

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