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Visitor from Far East

Visitor from Far East

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Knut is gambling in the fightplace lounge but his mood is at zero. So it´s a welcome change when Toni appears. He is not alone but brings his friend Luca from China along. Luca wants to check out fightplace and have a fight today. Toni actually had the plan to show Luca some tricks but now he sets on Knut at Luca. Knut doesn´t really want to at first but when he realizes Luca´s bigmouth he joins him on the mat. They start in jeans but when it´s getting warmer they strip to their underwear. Knut wears a super sexy body and Luca shows up in Calvin Klein briefs. Now they really get down to work and a hot fight begins. Luca fights really good in his debut, hard and forceful. Sexy Knut is also surprised by by Luca´s tricks and power and has to use a lot of effort to hold the smaller guy on the ground. Luca is not shy of using ballgraps and naughty tricks. He graps on Knuts nuts from behind again and again and forces him to let him free. At some point Knut has enough of this little live wire and uses a dog lead to tie Luca´s hands. Now Toni fights against Knut. Toni uses his size as an advantage. He lifts Knut to the air partly using bearhugs or carriers and holds the upper hand over all. Knut fights back tough although he lost a lot of power in the fight before. He takes a fair bit of strokes on his crunchy apple ass. Actually having fun through that treatment. In the end Toni wants to know how good the small guy from Far East really is and competes against him. But against Toni Luca stands no chance. He´s just too big and heavy for him. Knut and Luca have the idea to chain Toni to be in control of him. This plan backfires and Toni puts them through the mill letting them feel real power.

Play length approx - 72 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Romanas V., 11/23/2018
Very hot vidoe! How did Luca got into your vidoe? He is not listed on your wrestlers list. I am. A big fan of yours and have downloaded quite a lot of videos. Would you've tell me do you agree before filming who is gonna win or it's up to the guys? Because in some vidoes same wrestler is showing good skills and wins and in another vidoe same wrestler is almost "pretending" to be clueless how to fight. Thank, Romas

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