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Car Thief

Car Thief

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David fumbled around with a car. He wanted to break and steal it. The car parked near a car service station, so he had to take care to net get cought by someone. There were anyone around and he was sure to go through with his illegal job. But then Ramon passed with his Bmx. Ramon is the son of the garage owner and he catched David by stealing the car. Ramon grabbed him and he wanted him to talk, but the situation escalated quickly. They rolled on a grassland, boxing and fighting for their lifes. In the trouble the ignored their clothes, which were very dirty. After about 30 minutes Ramon had nearly no power. David recommended to continue the fight in the basement so that both of them could regenerate a little while they walk. After reaching the basement they continued with more power. Both of them performed some hot moves with many scissors and schoolboypins. It's about the car. If David could win the fight, he will get the car. If he loses, he will get nothing. And he really wantsed to get it. You can notice that in the way he fought. Ramon has more muscles and power then David, but is this enough to dominate the agile and fast David?

Play length approx 48 min.

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