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Catch as catch can

Catch as catch can

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Already outside in the garden the two opponents, Basti and Shorty, are taunting eachother. They enter the house where Shorty wants to have a test of strength with Basti. They begin with arm wrestling and then check out their leg muscles. This smells like a match coming on! And so begins roughly 60 minutes of hard submission fighting, incorporating their favourite trick, the leg scissors, to eachothers' torment. The boys are of roughly equal strength and so these moves go back and forth until they are sweating hard, fighting on the ground. Also wedgies and ball-grabs are certainly not left out, it's simply "Catch as catch can"! Finally there is a beaten loser, who must pack up his things and go!

Play length approx: 60 min.

5 of 5 Stars!Josh J., 02/25/2012
this was a great fight, very balanced and aggressive.

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