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Privat Battle 12

Privat Battle 12

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Bubu and Hardy met up for a training session. To warm up they started with a small but heavy boxing match. In our village you always know each other and you're friendly with the others but if you visit fightplace you get in competition. Bubu and Hardy want to show thier skills to the other one because no one wants to be the looser in the daily conversations. After a few minutes the boxing match turns into a wrestling match. They throwed each other on the ground and at least they took of their boxing gloves. Later you didn't notice the friendship of the two 18-years-old boys. They were not that friendly and put each other into the mill with long scissors, schoolboypins and hard blows. It's a very sudorific and breath-taking match. Nice to see Hardy going crazy if Bubu treats him with inconsideration. After this Submission-match Lukas and Tibet entered. They wanted to to practise, but when they noticed that the room was already taken, they became angry. To be continued in "Tag-Team-Battle 8"

Play length approx - 55 min.

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