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Rumble in the Attic Part 2

Rumble in the Attic Part 2

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Valentino has shown up uninvited, and he begins to insult everyone. He wants to take revenge on everyone who attacked his brother, but the two teams won't have any of that. Kevin is the first who enters the fight against him. What happens next boggles the mind: Valentino attacks Kevin with unprecedented aggression, and he defeats with great ease. Now, Jeff doesn't hesitate long, and he decides to punish Valentino for his big mouth. The two of them fight hard, and they use every trick in the book, but Jeff eventully realises that he has no chance of winning this round. He almost can't believe it, and he is extremely upset over losing against Valentino. So he resolves to fight twice as hard to win against his next opponent, Kevin. After a few rounds, Valentino wants to check out his little brother's abilities, and he sets Bubu up against Pedro. But Pedro has had enough of this little game, and he releases all his aggression on Bubu, to provoke Valentino. This also inspires Jeff, who now seems to think something along the lines of: "No more mister nice guy!" Kevin wants to force a decision, and he steps up against Jeff. Jeff is beyond all restrain, he fights like a kamikaze, and he gives Kevin no respite. During all that time, Valentino's hatred towards Pedro continued to ferment. Finally, the two of them fight an absolutely hot and hard battle that really tests their limit. In the end, Bubu is fed up with his big brother's antics, and he challenges him to a fight. A heated battle between the two brothers erupts, but Valentino appears rather lenient. Has he exhausted his strength, or is it merely out of brotherly love?

Play length approx: 55 min.

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