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Heavyweight Heroes - Part One

Heavyweight Heroes - Part One

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With Heavyweight Heroes we present a reencounter with old acquaintances. Patti, who paused for some years asked us for a fight against Wladi. He had trained hard at the gym and wants to proof his power now against the unbeaten Wladi. We planned a tag team match since we could not guess how strong Patti really is now. At a tag team match you have the chance to recover a bit when your mate is fighting. To get a equal level we invited Toni and Bob to join the fight. Since Patti and Toni know each other from former fights we decided to put them in one team. Wladi did not fight for quite some time as well but is in a good shape. Patti knows some good tricks and has the will to win. A dangerous combination for Wladi who has to make a lot of effort when fighting against Patti. And we can prevail that he was not always able to keep control. Toni has to feel his anger about that. The poor guy has to suffer a lot. And his slip is shredded already in one of the first rounds. Nobody wants to swap with Toni when he has to fight against Wladi. The tag team match is fun for the audience as well as for the fighters. Especially Wladi was able to have a fling again. He uses a bottle to insert it into body orifices or the losing party gets feet into the face. Bob on Wladis site is able to show a great performance as well and point out that even a young fighter could join the elite. The first quite shy guy has become a hard and tough fighter. The result on the other hand is not so clear. It was a 1:1 for a long time. 2:1 and than a 2:2 draw again until the final decision. Thanks to Patti Wladi was not able to make it fast and obvious decision. We decided to divide this long 90 minute match into two parts of 45 minutes.

Play length approx 43 min.

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