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Forest of Pain 3

Forest of Pain 3

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Toni is working at the SWAT-team and got the mission to arrest Blade. So he started to search for Blade, who was working in a forest when he found him. For sure Blade was surprised and horrified about this, he didn't accept the arrest, so they began a hard fight. After a few minutes Tony was able to cuff Blade, who was then stripped. Constricted like a little package, Blade had to wait for his removal. But the situation turned, because of Knut, who passed by while he was jogging and heard poor Blade whining. Immediately he tried to free Blade, but Tony had to accomplish his mission and so fought both of them. Tony was now in his element and was able to dominate both of his opponents, tying them to a tree. Then came their punishment for their disobedience. Tony began by giving them a spanking, but they had to endure many other things too, such as gut-punching and ball grabs. Tony didn't want to hear them whine, and so taped their mouths shut. Next he had to find a way to bring Blade to the precinct. This meant he had to free both of them. They promised to be calm and not to make any trouble, but they had a plan to get revenge on Tony once they were freed. At the moment of their release, things came to a head!

Play length approx - 59 min.

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