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Jays comeback

Jays comeback

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It's been a few years since Jay last appeared on FIGHTPLACE (you may remember him teaming up with Gustel against Wladi and Jason in "Army Boys"). But he's back now - just as FIGHTPLACE fans remember him: agile, aggressive, in his own way charming and witty. This time he faces Lukas. They meet at a bus stop, and they dwell on past times. Lukas brags about his successes at FIGHTPLACE, and he challenges Jay to a fight. It doesn't take much for Jay to oblige, and he follows him into the basement, where they waste no time - the fight is on. Lukas has built up some muscles since their last meeting, making life hard for Jay, who has a tough time wrestling Lukas to the ground. Even though Jay is quite strong and quick himself, he has to resort to wedgies and other nasty tricks to get himself out of dangerous situations. After some initial rounds of checking each other out, the two fighters decide to begin a three round match. Let us just say: these are going to be three HARD rounds. Lukas punishes Jay with his specialty move: the "Shaking Leg Scissors," even combining them with his famed ballgrabs. Both fighters employ numerous schoolboy and bully pins to keep their opponent on the ground and force him to submit. In short: it turned out to be an exciting basement submission match. Check it out, and find out if Lukas manages to maintain his line of success. We're sure you'll enjoy Jay's comeback, who gets to show off his trained body, and - despite his long pause - is still good for a tough fight.

Play length approx: 58 min.

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