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Fightplace Soccer Training

Fightplace Soccer Training

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After a long break, Pharell, Jay, Pedro, Felix, Charly and Ryan are once again meeting up for a game of football. Soon it becomes obvious, though, that they have something other in mind than that. Jay successfully provokes Pharell with his extremely foul play, and when he finally reminds him that there's a wrestling hall next door, the two of them head over there to fight. Now they're all alone in the adjacent wrestling hall. They have at each other, and Jay has a hard time standing his ground. Pharell doesn't leave anything to chance, and he rips Jay's jogging pants off of his opponent! After a few rounds and a hard-fought decision, they return to the football game. After a while, Ryan leaves the training hall - allegedly to go to the bathroom. But Felix is suspicious, and he decides to follow him. His suspicion is confirmed when he catches Ryan in the locker room, going through Felix's belongings. Felix attacks him, but it becomes clear that it's going to be a tough fight for both of them. Felix may be larger, but Ryan clearly has the upper hand. They, too, rip their jogging pants off of each other. But it doesn't stop there! Pedro has been in an irritable mood all day long, and he starts to fight with Charly. Pedro has had enough, and he wants to show everybody who's the king. One can clearly see how he gained some muscles from going to the fitness studio every day during his long absence from Fightplace. He effortlessly overpowers Charly. Charly realises that this is not going to be an easy fight. He desperately tries to escape Pedro's holds, but to no avail. Pedro, too, has a fancy for Charly's pants, and he rips them off of his body. This fight bolsters Pedro's confidence, and he decides to leave the hall as the KING. Without further ado, he decrees that the football game is to be broken off, and that they use the mats to build a wrestling ring. Pedro challenges his arch-rival, Jay. A hot fight ensues, featuring wedgies, schoolboy pins, face sitting, and more. Jay initially refuses to give up, but Pedro resorts to old and proven trickery. ;) Five more fights follow, but we won't describe them here in detail. There's some exceptional scenes for schoolboy pin fans in the fight of Charly vs. Ryan, and the repeat match between Pedro and Jay certainly is another highlight.

Play length approx: 70 min.

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