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Fightplace Youngster

Fightplace Youngster

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Marius and Bubu are planning to take part in an upcoming bodybuilding contest, and they're practicing their poses. Alfred drops in for a visit, and he starts making fun of the boys, because he thinks that they have no chance of winning such a contest. Naturally, Bubu and Marius take exception at that, and they demand that Alfred show them his body. The ensuing posing contest quickly turns into a wrestling match. The boys are are each other a hard time in the basement. Alfred puts up an especially intense fight, because he wants to prove to the somewhat older boys that he can stand his own against them. The battle between Bubu and Marius - who meet each other for the first time here, and are eager to test each other's strengths - is also pretty intense and worth watching.

Play length approx: 60 min.

4 of 5 Stars!Josh J., 02/25/2012
would like to see more videos like this in the future.

5 of 5 Stars!eogh e., 10/10/2011
This is one of the best dvd\'s I think. For me, the best and main part is Bubu and Alfred (black undies and grey undies). Marius seems a bystander and looks left out at times. There\'s a lot of submission between Alfred and Bubu. Alfred and BubuI are both wearing speedos. I would have liked to see Marius join in and wear speedos, he was wearing some square cuts. But all in all, the fights are good. There\'s technically good wrestling between Marius and Bubu, and, Alfred is a beginner, with good potential. He gives Bubu a run for his money. The main focus is on these two boys, Alfred and Bubu, and they seem of equal strength. There\'s a long time when Alfred and Bubu are on the ground, locked together. They roll over but their bodies stay locked, and Alfred\'s legs get tangled with Bubu\'s legs which makes it complicated! They all wrestle eachother, which makes it fair. I enjoyed the dvd, and Marius seems itching and jealous to get involved with Bubu\'s and Alfred hot steamy match! Def worth buying!

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