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Basement Brawls 4

Basement Brawls 4

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Just a little bunch of time earlier, Alfred was a youngster of Fightplace, too. But now he met the next generation fighters, who are training and fighting at the Fightplace house. This evening he met Joe and Bobby in the hallway. Joe presented the new fighter Bobby, who is the younger brother of Bob, to the Fightplace Team. Alfred just came around to ask for a fight, but when he met the youngsters, he licked blood. Shortly after that confrontation, they went down to the basement. Alfred started to undress his clothes, to get more moving space. Typical for a good fighter. Joe undressed himself, too. Just a few seconds later, Alfred grabbed Joe, who seems to be stronger. Usually Alfred is more shy in his fights, but today he showed us his brutal side. Joe had to absorb many Scissors, Headlocks and Throws of Alfred, who presented years of experience in this fight. Even if Joe tries to strike back in many different ways he seems like the loser of this fight. Later Joe was out of power, so he had to exchange with Bobby, but Bobby had no chance. You're able to notice, that Alfred enjoys his advantage. Bobby has to learn way more about that business. Totally silent he had to accept the attacks of Alfred. When Alfred dispatched both of this Newbies, he left the room. Now there is a fight under the Youngsters. Joe wanted to find out who the stronger fighter is. But we can just see the opposite of a powerful fight. They're just rolling on the floor, combined with long holds. They're just out of power because of the previous rounds. In our opinion, there are good chances for Bobby, but right now he is just to shy. But we all know, that it takes a bunch of time to go the skills to fight on the Fightplace matts. Joe got way better. Sometimes he was able to give himself as good as Alfred is. If he continues his training he will be a strong fighter. We were really surprised because of Alfred, because we met his other side. A powerful and self-confident fighter.

Play length approx - 62 min.

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