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Tag Team Battle 7 - Part Two

Tag Team Battle 7 - Part Two

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In Tag-Team-Battle 7 give to us Basti and Marcel a reunion. Longer time not been present, even more dynamically the both set to work in this Tag-Tag-Team-Match. However, Eneregie is also demanded of them, on this occasion, because they have no light opponents. On the contrary: Shorty and Hardy belong meanwhile to the best Fightplace fighters. The both, in sharp Wrestling-Singlets dressed Fighter burn formally to show it to the Old-Schoolern. In the beginning Shorty and Hardy make a little bodybuilding. Inflate themselves and practice themselves in small fitness programmes. Curiously Marcel and Basti suddenly wink by the door. Are interested what both boys do there in such a way, in the Fightplace Fight-Room. Then there is a small force measuring in the dumbbell training that precipitates for Basti, however, thin. However, Basti is a terrier, he does not lose with pleasure. Around he suggests a match in which both teams line up mutually. Hardy is not sure only, but Shorty does not miss the opportunity to prove once more his huge forces. Thus it comes to the Tag-Team-Battle. Meanwhile 7. in our series, but this übertifft in dynamism and hardness the others around worlds. Clear, on the one hand are the Jung's experienced fighters and we have united here a complete team who lets herself in the fight, so to speak, festbeißt, no more laxly. Basti, called also the terrier, delivers daür an especially good example. But also his Mr. Marcel does not surrender, before it must not necessarily be. It is fought enormously hard, also sometimes with nasty bandages and tricky inserts. But this fight also joke and charm does not lack. For it provides once again our Basti which brings the audience for smiling with his perky sayings, however, his opponents makes more and more furious. None of both groups wants to surrender. And thus it comes that from a Fight afternoon a regular Fight evening becomes. The match ends, by the way, with a knockout that is accomplished by a violent blow in the soft parts. No fine kind, but in the zeal of the battle can already pass such a thing. Beforehand there was an enormously hard Ausseinandersetzung between Shorty and Basti, but here any more we do not betray. A full-length programme that we must split on account of his length in two parts. Tag-Team-Battle 7, a first-class Fight in the Submission style, completely in typical Fightplace tradition.

Play length approx - 47 min.

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