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Schoolboypins 12

Schoolboypins 12

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Finally, another schoolboy pin," many of our Schoolboy Pin fans are going to say! Part 12 features some hot action; like part 10, it turned out a punishment fight. You see, Collo has a pretty big mouth, but Tibet gives him his due punishment and roughs him up quite a bit. Tibt, having just turned 18, and Collo, also 18, are new to Fightplace, and the two are certainly going to be to your liking. Now, on to the story: Tibet is jogging down a forest path, when suddenly a quad approaches rapidly from behind. Tibet barely manages to jump out of the way, hurting himself in the process. Angrily, he gets back up on his feet, and he says to himself: "I'll get that boy yet!" Shortly after, he spots the quad and its rider at the edge of the forest. Utterly enraged, he confronts Collo. He wastes no time arguing around, but rather drags Collo to a small clearing. Having arrived there, a tough fight on the grass ensues. It becomes immediately clear that Collo is no match for Tibet. Tibet exploits this to subject his opponent to hard schoolboy pins and various dirty tricks, like wedgies, to punish him for his reckless driving. Tibet relishes in his long schoolboy pins, and he occasionally spices them up by squashing his opponent's arm muscles under his knees. He also makes use of headlocks and armlocks, as well as scissors of all kinds, to torture Collo. Covered in dirt, and humiliated from the fight: that's how Collo gets left behind after the battle, while Tibet resumes his jogging down the forest path, as if nothing had ever occured.

Play length approx: 54 min.

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