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Master of Disaster 3

Master of Disaster 3

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As soon as the new year has begun, three Fightplace fighters are ready for a real ring battle! Actually, Moe wanted to train his friend Edward. I want him to get a little more muscle. Moe teaches him how to train abdominal muscles and tests the result by standing on Edward's stomach. This is quite resistant and can withstand Moes weight for a while. In the middle of training they are disturbed by Vladimir. Of course he's making fun of the little ones. He insults them as dummies and demons. Edward's a little intimidated, but not Moe! The cheeky youngster won't put up with anything, not even from Wladi. Wladi wants the two young fighters to prove their skills. Let's have them fight each other first. So the first laps are between Moe and Edward and for Edward it doesn't look bad at all. He shows some good tricks and can get Moe under control a few times. Wladi can't let it go, however, and sometimes intervenes in the fighting. Eventually your two will become too colorful and they whisper to each other that they want to fight together against Wladi. Together, it would have to work out to defeat the big mouth, the Fightplace papa. Moe has had the pleasure of battling the King of Fightplace before. He knows how hard it is not to be completely disassembled. But Moe is brave and has no shyness. Right from the start, Moe is going full throttle and does everything in his power to make his heavier and stronger opponent harmless. Edward comes to his aid. But for the boys it's already the end when the Fightplace Bolide enters the ring. There is no need for bondage, no gagging and no hard ball tomb. If Wladi lets all his strength play, there's small wood in the ring. A pleasure for Wladi, a torture for the boys. That's how you can get to the point. Wladi, who gets into full swing after just a few minutes and enjoys turning to little Moe, is in his element. Bearhug, Scissor or Schoolboypin. Wladi knows the whole spectrum and uses it for himself. He doesn't skip any mess, handcuff one by one, or use a rope to tie him up. The two little ones hold out bravely, even attacking new ones over and over again. But every effort ends up in disasters. Because there is only one "Master"!

Play length approx 62 min.

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