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Privat Battle 18
Privat Battle 18
25,90 €
What happens when you lose!
What happens when you lose!
Baltic Boys XXX
Baltic Boys XXX
The Pleasure of Pain
The Pleasure of Pain
Schoolboypins 13
Schoolboypins 13
My dirty fantasies (XXX)
My dirty fantasies (XXX)

Dear customers and friends,


from mid-July this year we will switch our payment provider and after that we will unfortunately no longer be able to offer XXX and nude films in our shop.

To make sure that you can still enjoy the hot XXX movies and movies with nude content, we offer you our Memberships.


Many of our customers had already asked for the popular memberships in the past, because as a regular customer you can save a lot of money with purchasing a membership. However, we had deactivated them for a while because we were not sure about the future of Fightplace. For several reasons and after a lot of consideration we now decided to continue. 


Many requests and numerous praise and support (many thanks for that) from our customers and friends, a constantly growing team of fighters, the new studio in Berlin, relocation of the company headquarters to Germany and last but not least the desire of our team members for THEIR sport in combination with a regular source of income has motivated us to go into the next years with Fightplace.  


When you choose a membership, you will get automatically every movie in your selected period as a free download, and from mid-July on you will be able to see all the content that a "normal" customer would not be able to see.


We will also no longer offer photo series in our shop, but will make them exclusively available to our members free of charge. In addition, we will offer regular news of the fighters, stories and private information in the new member blog exclusively.


We guarantee, as already back then, at least 3 new productions per month. If that wont work out, we'll catch up those films. Each member is guaranteed to get 3 productions per membership month. That is our promise! 


You can choose from three memberships:


Bronze membership, duration of 3 months for the price of EUR 249,00


Silver membership, duration of 6 months for the price of EUR 399.00


Gold membership, duration of 12 months for the price of EUR 699.00


The prices are introductory prices, which may increase from mid-July (after conversion).

As a regular buyer / regular customer you not only save a lot of money, but also support the continuation of Fightplace with your membership and of course the guys from the team! As with all other orders with us, you will also receive a 10% discount if you pay in advance!

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