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Schoolboypins 20
Schoolboypins 20
29,90 €
What happens when you lose!
What happens when you lose!
Baltic Boys XXX
Baltic Boys XXX
The Pleasure of Pain
The Pleasure of Pain
Schoolboypins 13
Schoolboypins 13
My dirty fantasies (XXX)
My dirty fantasies (XXX)

First of all, we would like to thank our customers for their trust in the Fightplace team!

More memberships have been sold than ever before, which shows us and proves that we should proceed and that you like our movies in general.


Of course, not every movie is to everyone's taste, but we will continue our efforts to have something for each of you in turn. So sometimes in old Fightplace tradition, with young agile actors in the non-nude area, then we'll continue with some fights that end naked and some with sexual acts, the so-called XXX productions.


We will also try to produce outdoor more often in the near future. For that we have to acquire an appropriate van to transport fighters, mats and other equipment from the studio into the terrain.

If you have any tips or would like to donate for it, please feel free to contact us.


Since the demand for the memberships was and still is unimagined high, we have to limit the memberships, as we did back then, because otherwise the administrative effort will get out of hand. 

Until 10.08.2020 we will keep the offer, after that the memberships will disappear from the shop for one year. 


So for all the money foxes among you it is time to act now. How the XXX-productions will be handled and if we will continue to offer them officially in the shop has is not yet certain. To meet all customers' needs, we are still in negotiations with the payment provider. As soon as we have news, you will get a newsletter again to keep you updated.


In the meantime, all the  best and a nice weekend!

Your Fightplace Team

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